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Movie-Clip"Passion meets Police"

A SmallPonyGirls Movie

Girls loitering in the kitchen, with some cup of vodka, raving (ca. 6 min.) about their greatest passion of all: PONY RIDING! Properly drunk courage, they start to make it real! Both not really experienced riders, the helping hand of pony owner is very welcome.
Suddenly appears a uniformed woman from "riding police", as she claims. She orders Kelly to get off from pony and demands riding for her own, because "she has the right"! The completely baffled girls obey.
But the police woman may have her generous day, so she offers double ride to the girls - on their own pony! She is really experienced rider, so the girls finally get some fun also under police supervision.

20:6 Min896 MB1280 x 720mp4$ 34.99